You know, like apps and stuff.

A quick list of my favourite software, tools, and hardware used by Al Romano - as a full-stack inclusive-focused web developer.

Some links might be affiliate links as a way to give back to the software and tools used here and to spread the love. <3 They will be denoted with an asterisk (*).

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Editors, Themes & Fonts

Surprise! It's Visual Studio Code and Onivim2

Visual Studio 2022 & Code, NeoVim

Favourite Visual Studio Code Theme?

Favourite Fonts?

Most Used Extensions?

Integrated & Stand-alone Terminals

Tooling & Other Software

There's a slew of apps I rely on that deserve a shout-out, too!

Favourite Node Manager?

What browsers do you use regularly?

Do you use other apps besides Visual Studio Code?

How do you keep Organized?

What do you use for Communication?

What graphics processing software do you use?

Hardware Setup

It's a "work machine" that also crushes games, yeah that's it...

Current OS Setup?

Any Home Network?

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