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Bongo & B Entertainment

Live Entertainment E-Commerce Engine

Bongo & B Entertainment came to Virtually(Creative) to completely re-think their approach to being the best-in-class live entertainment company in Toronto.

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Partnering with Virtually(Creative) let us learn the missing insight we needed to scale our business to the next level.

Matching our many amazing acts to potential clients based on interest and intent data gave us a totally new way to approach and anticipate our clients needs. It's what a true 5-star live entertainment service is all about.

Chris R.
Co-Owner, Bongo & B Entertainment

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This isn't access to a data dashboard, we don't provide Excel files of data. Instead you get "plain-English" break-downs of ongoing marketing analytics, with a new behaviour data-set layer under the hood.

TL;DR - We look for ways to optimize what you currently do, with what you're users are actually doing. The bigger the gap, the larger the ROI.