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Accessibility isn’t something you tack on to a good design—it is good design.

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"Everybody is a keyboard user when they are eating with their mouse hand."

- Adrian RoselliConsultant, Writer, Speaker

Accessibility (a11y) Development

When brands empower people you'll never have an equal.

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Behaviour Driven Marketing

Checkouts and clicks are great for kicks but behaviours and flows bring in the "dough".

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What is Inclusive Design?

What is Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)?

Do you need to comply?

What's the law in Ontario around A.O.D.A for my website?

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"I make websites for people. I get the most joy knowing what we dream, design, develop, deliver helps us create a more accessible web for everyone."

Al Romano
Founder, Virtually(Creative)

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