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October 19, 2012

Freemarket.com Social Media Service Accepted

I’m surprised Social Media is a still a popular buzz term 12 years later (Facebook was 2004)! But coming to accept that it’s all here to stay, I’m still astounded that some small business, individuals and some larger companies as well have a hard time seeing the marketing power and potential social media has. I have been including more social media connectivity for clients on their websites and utilizing many web tools & Apps to help maximize my efficiency (and you can too check out 5 must have social media mobile Apps) and realized that when I was finished putting together my social media packages, they would help guide someone with minimal knowledge how to better get more results from specific networks they were interested in.

So I have compiled my methodologies and created a package that I can now customize to your specific business!

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September 10, 2012

5 Must have Social Media Management Apps

Small Business Owners and freelancers alike want to have the upper hand using applications that help them get work done efficiently and effectively and working in social media is no different.

At Virtually(Creative), I’ve helped small businesses grow quickly with our marketing and social media strategies. I use a number of social media apps myself to help manage the relationships with my audience across the social web and for clients. I’ve spent countless hours going through the App Stores of all 3 major services (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and I’ve come up with these top 5 applications plus a bonus application. Read More

July 29, 2012

Importance of Social Media for Teachers

Recently, I’ve landed a fantastic position being able to teach 16 – 18yr old public school students the power and importance of social media through a 7-week pilot program. It focuses around the major social networks and best usage practises, the importance and power of metrics, information and privacy and how to increase engagement and community involvement not just online but also offline. Read More

July 22, 2012

Dashboard Wars: HootSuite vs Sprout Social

What are Social Media Dashboards?

Social media is inescapable, even if you don’t want to use them websites in 2012 want you to connect via: everything. In the landscape of web 2.0 websites having social media connections aren’t even a second thought just expected. Clever social media icons pepper footers and top bars of websites everywhere; and the expectation is you have the accounts to connect to and use them. Before 2008, having multiple accounts, or many pages started to make managing your social persona quite the time consuming task. Thankfully we have two answers to help manage everything social, glean awesome insights into your online influence and all from an easy to manage, central “dashboard”.

*Note: This post might contain some affiliate links. Don’t be scared! That just means if you like what you see and purchase something, you’ll help me out too, and it’s really appreciated.
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