Statement of Work

Statement of Work

A battle-tested project plan to achieve website success.

By agreeing to this Statement of Work (SOW), the parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and the "Contract", sent with your specific project, concerning the Services to be performed under this SOW.

1. Term

The term of this SOW will commence the subscription, payment or acceptance date in your generated invoice or scope request. It will continue until all services have been performed and all deliverables delivered by Virtually(Creative) unless terminated earlier under the Contract for the project. Expiration or termination of the Contract will not serve to terminate this SOW. All applicable terms and conditions of the Contract will continue to apply to this SOW until the expiration or termination of this SOW.

2. Project Description

Virtually(Creative) shall perform the services described in this SOW which shall supplement the executed agreement between the parties. This SOW covers the professional services of a One n' Done Website built by Virtually(Creative) on a self-hosted WordPress (CMS) using Elementor Pro with a pre-selected theme.

3. Scope of Services

For One n' Done Website Builds

  1. Virtually(Creative) will build pages and menus, insert content for Desktop and Mobile devices using a self-hosted WordPress (CMS).

  2. Virtually(Creative) will not provide any design services. The design will use an existing theme, including updates to fonts, colours, logo, images and content and match your existing brand identity and style guides.

  3. The site will be built in English only.

  4. The customer shall provide all content by filling out and completing the Content Snare Content Request.

  5. The customer is solely responsible for domain registration and management.

  6. New requests beyond this project's scope (e.g. changes to layout, additional functionality, etc) will be subject to a change request fee of $220/hr CAD. The development shall not commence until any out-of-scope or additional work is scoped out by Virtually(Creative) and formally agreed to by the parties. Timing will be dependent on available resources.

4. Project Specifications

One n' Done Project breakdown,

  • Agreement email & kick-off call (typically 1-hour) calendar request.

  • Planning (Content Request is sent)

  • First Look & Staging Access

  • Feedback & Revisions

  • Testing

  • Site Acceptance (Pre-Production Prep)

  • Training Package

  • Launch

4.1. The project will not kick-off until the following items are confirmed:

  • Approved decision-maker(s),

  • Contract Signed,

  • First Payment was Processed,

  • The kick-Off call was scheduled successfully

4.2. If the schedule has been delayed due to unplanned revisions (changes to designs after approval, revised content, etc.) or missed deadlines, a new timeline will be created based on Virtually(Creative)’s availability, and additional charges may apply. Any such revisions may cause a delay to the site acceptance timeline and the initial agreed-upon launch date and may incur charges. If an additional scope of services is required, an "Additional Scope Request will be created accordingly.

5. Acceptance Criteria

5.1. Approval Period: Virtually(Creative) will provide access to a fully functional website version in a staging environment before moving into production. Virtually(Creative) will require Customer approval on the website in the staging environment through email sign-off before moving into production. This customer acceptance allowance period shall not exceed 5 business days to qualify the website against the approved theme, branding, content, and functionality. Any client requests for modifications beyond alignment to the approved content request OR requests submitted to Virtually(Creative) outside the customer acceptance period will be considered out of scope per the Scope of Services section above.

5.2. Deemed Approval: If the Customer does not provide formal site acceptance by giving written approval within 5 business days of receiving the URL, the preview site will be considered accepted by the Customer (“deemed approval”), and no further revisions will be permitted under the existing SOW. Any subsequent revisions shall be subject to a change fee as described in Section 3 (Scope of Services).

5.3. Pre-Launch Code Freeze: Before the website changes are deployed in Production, a 48-hour code freeze will be enforced (“Code Freeze”) in the staging environment. During this period, no content or design updates will be permitted. Virtually(Creative) will use this time window to perform the final CMS configuration updates required to deploy the site to the production environment (i.e., prepare for site launch). This process cannot begin until site acceptance approval or deemed approval from the Customer has been received by Virtually(Creative).

6. Assumptions and Dependencies

6.1. The following specific assumptions are agreed to between Customer and Virtually(Creative) regarding the services outlined in this Statement of Work:

6.1.1. The services provided are on a time and materials basis for predefined professional service activities, as specified in Section 4 above.

6.1.2. Project work will be performed remotely.

7. Customer Responsibilities

In addition to any other obligations under the Agreement, the following are responsibilities of Customer that are required to complete the Services described in this SOW:

7.1. Rescheduling: Customer may reschedule the agreed-upon launch date before the Code Freeze period by giving Virtually(Creative) at least 3 days' written notice of the revised launch date.

7.2. Dormancy: The project will be deemed dormant if no response is received from Customer within 21 business days of the last Customer communication. Upon such dormancy, the project will be deprioritized and subject to delay, as any Virtually(Creative) resources may need reassignment. Customer may also be subject to a restart fee equal to the list price.

8. Accessibility

8.1. Virtually(Creative) is committed to digital accessibility and conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level A and AA. Our approach is always honest and committed to the right approach to creating inclusive website experiences for Customers. With that in mind, accessibility begins with design.

8.2. Virtually(Creative) does not guarantee compliance. Virtually(Creative) will develop a website with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility best practices. The site will be reviewed and remediated during implementation for accessibility using an automated tool to work toward WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. Input may be required from the Customer.

In the event of a conflict between the terms of this SOW and those in the Agreement, the terms of this SOW shall prevail. The Parties agree to the above terms and have executed this Statement of Work as of the last date set forth below (the “SOW Effective Date”).

If Customer does not sign this SOW before the date set forth below. In that case, Customer understands and acknowledges that Virtually(Creative) shall be entitled to adjust the pricing, timelines and deliverables set forth herein.