Common WordPress Issues and how to Stop Them

By Al Romano

WordPress is a leader in the content management space. According to the WordCamp site, there are currently over 75 million sites that use WordPress. But even the most seasoned users run into some common WordPress issues that can frustrate site owners and cause significant downtime if not addressed properly.

If you’re a beginner, facing these problems can be pretty scary. WordPress errors can seem complicated, overly technical, and you might not know where to start in resolving them.

We totally understand your frustration. That’s why when you pick a Virtually(Creative) WordPress Subscription we’ve got you covered so you’ll never have to worry about these issues!

But, want to dive in a bit more yourself? Here is a quick look at some of the more common errors we’ve come across in WordPress and how you can solve those issues. For Virtually(Creative) WordPress sites, we help protect clients from these occurrences automatically,

  1. WordPress white screen of death

  2. WordPress memory exhausted

  3. Connection timed out

  4. Error establishing a database connection

  5. Internal server error

  6. Parse or syntax error

  7. WordPress 404 error

  8. Stuck in WordPress maintenance mode

  9. WordPress not uploading images

  10. The “are you sure you want to do this” issue

  11. WordPress login redirect loop

  12. 403 forbidden error in WordPress