For a lot of business professionals, us included, we use web applications to help run our business. Some tasks that are important to do (inserting new or updating client information into Salesforce) could be time consuming or repetitive if you have a lot of clients. This is where Zapier comes in and is perfect for automating repetitive tasks between different web applications that might not talk to each other natively. Zapier lets you pair triggers and actions together from different web apps you use!

Here’s an example of a “Zap”:

When I receive a new email in Gmail, send me an SMS message.

The first part (receiving a new email) is the trigger. The second part (sending an SMS message) is the action.

Another example:

When I get a new purchase from WooCommerce, add customer into Mailchimp Customer List.

You can create Zaps like these using over 750+ web apps (full list below) without knowing anything about code! Once a Zap is made it runs on an automatic time. Constantly zapping you information or syncing data between web apps.

With over 750+ apps theirs a lot of combinations of Zaps you could make. Thankfully they kick-start you off with a great 101 awesome Zap combos.
You’ll be saying “why didn’t I do this before!” a lot, as we did quite a few times when setting up our Zaps!