Welcome to this brand new newsletter on Substack. Virtually(Creative) is excited to reveal WordPressively; an impressive, weekly newsletter about everything WordPress.

Lead by a freelance WordPress developer with over 11 years experience, our intention is to introduce a range of topics all related to the various aspects of WordPress so you can maintain your website top to bottom.

We’ll give you the beginner and intermediate level content absolutely free, but for the more advance topics and Deep Dives you’ll need to subscribe, it’s only a cup of (Starbucks…) coffee per month!

Over the course of each weekly newsletter we’ll cover and go in-depth about various important topics like:

  • Quality Content Creation (from Clients too!)
  • Importance of WordPress Security & Backup plans
  • Plugins management
  • Specific SEO Techniques for WordPress CMS
  • Free & Premium Plugin Reviews
  • Server Strengthening tips and tricks
  • WordPress Hosting Provider Reviews
  • and much more… !

Check out the Membership page for more details. We’re excited to offer this newsletter and hopefully you’ll be just as excited to get the content!

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Additional Information


The newsletter contains links that may or may not be affiliate links. All links that are affiliate links are denoted as such within the newsletter on a per-link basis with the [affiliate] tag next to them. The majority of links won’t be affiliate or paid links but will contain Google Analytics tracking info.

Sponsored Content:

Since a majority of the links aren’t affiliate based, the newsletter does rely, on time to time, a content sponsor to help provide additional funding for the newsletter to help me bring you impressive WordPress content! The Google Analytics tags on all links helps me spread the word of the newsletter by showing up in other people’s various analytics and helps provide link back for any newsletters that contain sponsored content. Please include them when minifying your links while sharing, I appreciate it!