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WordPress Tune-Up!

Push your WordPress website to the limit with a Site Tune-Up or Marketing Package by Virtually(Creative) and gain the same competitive advantages used by WordPress content professionals!

WordPress Site Tune-Up packages provide full-service coverage for your WordPress website.

Tune SEO under the hood, optimize existing cornerstone content and never worry about typical WordPress website issues* ever again!

Basic & Standard Packages

WordPress is a fantastic publishing platform, but out of the box it doesn’t include many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. These are added in by additional SEO plugins, which require configuration and a understanding of SEO best practices.

Our Site Tune-Up packages help maximize your WordPress’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectiveness by making sure all “low-hanging fruit” is quickly taken care of by making sure the best SEO plugins for your WordPress website are installed and configured properly. If there are missing SEO plugins we safely install them for you and configure them for continuous optimal use.

Maintenance & Upkeep

On top of the Search Engine Optimization fixes, all the Tune-Up packages include our Maintenance & Upkeep Subscription services; the hassle-free way to manage your WordPress website.

Why spend time worrying about how to configure this or that, our Upkeep package provides full WordPress support, cloud backups, and security to make sure your website is always up, and running at peak performance.

Pro Package

Take your WordPress SEO to another level.

Building upon the base from the Basic & Standard Packages, the Pro Site Tune-Up package maximizes your WordPress’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectiveness by installing the premium version of the specific performance, SEO, and content integrity plugins best suited for your website setup.

Bundled with the Pro package is 1yr of Maintenance & Upkeep provided by Virtually(Creative); a hassle-free way to manage your WordPress website without hiring an in-house developer!

Enterprise Marketing Tier

Supercharge your website with our Marketing Strategy Tier.
It’s like having a professional pit-crew for your mareting; turning your website into a performance machine.

Strategy Alignment

Marketing has many aspects and stratagies, especially now that the digital landscape for consumers is complex, fractured among various apps and all competing for the same attention span.

Our goal is to help identify all those various channels customers find, interact and discuss with you and help manage it all in a measureable, reportable way. We “streamline” the approach around a central pillar – our Custom Campaigns.

Using various platforms, online tools, data analysis as well as years of industry experience all help come together to create custom, step-by-step, followable marketing strategy that has campaigns that can be fullfilled by us, or by you / your employees.

What if I already have a marketing strategy?

Awesome! We can use this as the baseline and see what style and types of marketing techniques are being employed and help round-out the strategy with other ideas. Always nice to have a second set of eyes!

Can I do it myself?

Sure, our strategies can be followed by any team-size and can scale up or down depending on your goals. We’re here to help perform your best and can help prioritize what to focus on and let you do the rest.

Custom Campaigns

It’s easy to confuse a digital strategy with your digital marketing campaigns, but we’re here to help foster and focus creative campaign solutions to keep marketing initiatives on track and measurable. Once we fine tune our alignment, we can put a campaign into action.

Your digital strategy is a series of actions you take to help you achieve your overarching marketing goal. Your digital marketing campaigns are the building blocks or actions within your strategy that move you toward meeting that goal.

For example, you might decide to run a campaign sharing some of your best-performing gated content on Twitter, to generate more leads through that channel. That campaign is part of your strategy to generate more leads.

Most don’t have time to focus on all funnels, but a few specific, high performing ones – we can help make all funnels high-performing without losing any focus.

"Customers only call me" - Why do I need all of this?

In 2019, the digital age births new apps, blogs, digital SEO techniques every week and consumers are hungry for new ways to get information. By utilizing “all the roads” people want to travel upon, we can bring them all back “home to Rome”.

Think of how revolutionary TV was to the Radio Ad market. It was devistating. The internet and digital marketing has transformed traditional business into the “Digital Data” age. Sometimes you need to know, what you don’t know…

What if I have active campaigns already?

We figured you might! We’ll take a look and can help guide current campaigns or provide an outside perspective on campaign data you’re trying to analyze.

We use this to basline and benchmark your current efforts and we can then help to create customized solutions to increase year-over-year R.O.I.

Channel Audits

Building upon a Strategy Alignment, we deep dive into all of the ways customers find and interact with you. There’s lots of ways this can happen but the majority are,

  • PR
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Print
  • Word of Mouth
  • Online Ads
  • Email
  • PPC
  • Social Ads
  • Reviews
  • Blogs
  • Media (memes/images/vine)
  • e-commerce
  • Websites
  • Communities/Forums
  • Faqs
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Promotions
  • Social Networks
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
Do I need all of those channels...?

Well, not really but the more channels you can handle the stronger your position will be. The stronger your position, the less vulnerable you become to your competition who’s looking to fill the exact same space you are.

We already do a few/some/all of these? What else can we do?

Well, these are all a start!

As soon as we do more analysis we can identify ways you can grow either on already existing platforms or by disrupting your industry and doing something – innovative.


As part of a comprehensive Strategy, we always perform some type of competition analysis. There are many benefits on this and the goal isn’t to copy your competition, but learn from mistakes they’ve made and captialize on that.

Conducting a marketing competitive analysis helps you:

  • Compare the topics, tactics, and channels driving market performance for you and your competitors.
  • Uncover opportunities to outperform the competition and differentiate your brand.
  • Benchmark your brand against competitors, industry leaders, and market influencers.

The goal of competitive intelligence is to inform and validate your marketing strategy to stakeholders. By creating a solid foundation/framework above the learnings we get from our competition analysis can fit right into active campaigns and help tweak strategy alignment.

Do they notice any snooping around...?

No. Most of the competition analysis performed looks and is completely normal traffic and doesn’t break any laws or circumvent any platform terms of services.

We’re simply pulling available data, and using our years of industry experience to gain insight from data trends from our own and competitions available data.

“The devils’ in the details.”

That's just SEMRush, is that all you use?


SEM-Rush is just one of the tools at our disposal we use to help peice together what you and your competition are up to. We have a few tricks up our sleve to see what’s going on and derive some unique data-based reports.

SEO Reporting

Since our marketing strategys and campaigns are customized to you the reports you receive vary in data, presentation and insight. We use several systems, platforms and tools to bring a robust solution to life and to track, measure, report and analyse all of it can be rather “noisy”.

Instead, we take all of this and crush it down into a generalized report that you can deep dive into on a per section basis, letting you see the whole picture first, and you can drill down into as needed.

What are you reporting?

In the example above, this is a sample report from the Upkeep & Maintenance service about a single WordPress website.

You’ll get many reports in various ways and types all showing you different measurements on the campaigns currently active.

How often is the report sent to me?

Reports are scheduled and sent in repeat intervals. These are all discussed ahead of time with you and what works best with your expectations. No need to send you reports if you’re not going to look at them or don’t have the time!

What formats to the reports come in?

Reports come in two ways by email, PDF or Excel, or can simply be an email in plain english with weblinks to web-based report dashboards.

Some reports have an online component in which you login to a portal or service to check the status.

A-La-Carte Consulting

Included in all packages are consulting hours which can be utlized for whatever you require. Over and above support, which if you need we’re always a quick chat away, consulting hours are for questions related to non-support items.

Got a quesiton about twitter strategy? Give us a call or a quick chat and we can help – included as part of the plan no additional “bulk hours” need to be purchased to ask and get help with non-support questions and insights.

Nifty! We know, clients love it.

So if I need support, does this count towards that?


If you need help or, something we provided doesn’t work as expected you can hop on support with us!

Whats the difference between support and consulting?

Support time is for when something is broken, doesn’t work as expected or you’re stuck in trying to perform action tasks we have outlined inside of a Campaign strategy.

Consulting time is when you want to create new ideas or concepts. Or, validate ideas and concepts, marketing techniques or campaign ideas with a second opinion.

Marketing packages provide full-service coverage for your whole business.

Turn your WordPress website into a high-performance data asset and gain the inside edge many other companies overpay to get the same results!

Marketing Standard

On top of the Tune-Up Pro is the Marketing Standard plan. It’s like having a full-service agency handle your marketing alignment strategy across all digital channels leveraging your website as the central source to focus around.

With a package like this, we include 2 hours each month to use as you see fit to get the most out of this package for your business and make sure we’re always aligned with your goals and expectations, so rest easy knowing we understand what you need and are just a call away as things change over time.

Pro Package

On top of the Tune-Up Pro is the Marketing Pro plan. It’s like having a full-service agency handle your marketing alignment strategy across all digital channels leveraging your website as the central source to focus around.

If you have a website that’s under-performing this is the fastest way to super-charge it into conversion action! Streamline your digital marketing efforts into a consolidated plan of attack that has measurable results each and every month.

With a package like this, we include 6 hours each month to use as you see fit to get the most out of this package for your business and make sure we’re always aligned with your goals and expectations, so rest easy knowing we understand what you need and are just a call away as things change over time.

 Pit Crew not enough…?
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