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Cloud-Powered WordPress Hosting

With so many hosting choices for WordPress hosting available it can be a tedius decision on whom to pick and trust. With our WordPress packages at Virtually(Creative), all plans include fully-managed hosting out of the box!
Sometimes you already have a website and want to migrate to someone better with services that can fit your needs, or you’re looking to take on some of the upkeep yourself to reduce costs – we can help achieve any of these goals!

Virtually(Creative) provides blazing-fast
WordPress hosting in the cloud.
Fully-managed or self-serve options available.

What is "Managed" Hosting?

“With fully-managed hosting it’s like having a 24/7 pit-crew at the ready for the race-car that is your website – letting you focus on what you do best. (driving the car to win the race…)” – Al

With fully-managed hosting we make sure all the infrastructure your website sits on as well as your website itself is updated, safe and secure. If anything goes wrong we’re there to fix it and provide a range of backup/recovery options.

To extend the race analogy above not only do we keep your race-car (the website) in tip top shape, but we also upkeep and maintain the garage and all the tools inside needed to keep your race-car in tip top shape.

What is "Unmanaged" (self-serve) Hosting?

For those who are more hands-on and like to tinker with their things.

Un-managed hosting is hosting infrastructure setup by us, but administered by you which means backups, recovery and everything in between is up to you to handle.

We suggest to use this service if you have a website already and just want the hosting component, or, you’re comfortable with some Linux Server commands and know your way around a terminal window and want to spin up a server quickly with an additional line of support (us).

Isn't this too cheap? Isn't this too expensive?

It’s funny that we have to answer both these questions all the time! Compared to shared hosting (stuffing hundreds of websites onto one server) we are somewhat expensive BUT compared to other managed and dedicated hosts we are incredibly affordable!

This is because I am leveraging cutting edge technology (Digital Ocean ‘Droplets’ – Digital Ocean are the hosting partner under the hood) and I’m charging an absolute minimal markup on those for my additional services (they can be purchased individually from Digital Ocean for $5 USD).

Offering several hosting options helps to provide the maximum value for any-size budget.

We believe that offering fully-managed hosting is a way to empower our clients to focus on their core business and take the hosting maintenance off their chores list but, sometimes you want to get into the nitty-gritty of how things work under the hood and that’s where un-managed hosting comes in.

All of the pricing plans include managed hosting already bundled in the package.

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