May 18, 2011

Microblogging is here to stay!

As if normal blogging was too much, the world of microblogging has emerged with it’s facility to quickly post content of all media types; alluring and the latest addiction sweeping across the web, it has quite the following with a couple of notifiable mentions that both provide, what seems to me as, similar services. Utilizing both might not be nessissary for your social media plans unless you really know what you’re doing and plan to use both to the fullest extent.



To me it feels like a smaller, faster version of Google’s Blogger. The ability to quickly post photos, videos, links, text, quotes, music to your full-fledged blog through a browser, email or mobile app adds to its appeal. Highly customizable when it comes to themes and design so with enough savvy and patience you could even use it as a stand alone blog if you wanted with your own customized theme. Also having the option to upload items from your mobile phone as they are captured is why posting became so much faster than traditional blogs where you sit and write a post, article, story etc…


If you haven’t heard about twitter by now then I have no idea where you’ve been for the last couple of years but it’s the largest contender in the microblogging world. With 140 characters of pure social drive it’s the fastest, trend setting information syndicating machine on the Internet. Its a great server to help people connect and share who normally wouldn’t of had the chance to meet.

MicroBlogging Apps

To be successful in the microbloggin realm you need to rely heavily on your cell phone. The mobile is a critical part of this playing field and with it gives you the opportunity to turn any moment into a microblog moment. Apps help facilitate this process up to make it fast, secure and often. These are two that I think stand out above most others.



This app enables you to record and upload audio recordings with the ability to share to most social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous). You can also record audio in the browser, upload audio files from your desktop or utilize the mobile app. You can find anything on AudioBoo from music to audio tutorials on dovetailing furniture.



If you’re focus is mainly photography then this iPhone app is for you. It lets you apply a number of filters to photos you take and can share them via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. What makes this app cool is it’s ability to let users follow your postings and you can follow others like twitter itself.


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