October 21, 2009

Slice Internet marketing down to size!

After being in web development now for over 4 years on and off, had I known what this nifty application tells me now I could be blogging to you from my private yacht.

Market Samurai figures out ways to surprise me that even Frank’s red hot sauce commercials couldn’t! It enlightens on the dao of real Internet marketing.
It also showed the 3 golden rules. Rules, so important that if you break just even 1: YOU WILL FAIL.

No one could of prepared me for the beating I was going to give myself having learned of all the time I’ve wasted in the past with search engine optimization madness, and it is madness lets face it. The modules easily and quickly breakdown all the aspects I’m going to need to really optimize SEO for websites.

Offering 8 modules (7 + 1 coming soon) the Noble Samurai team (creators of this awesome program)  have bestowed upon you access to:

keyword research
rank following
SEO competition
find content
publish content
adwords (coming soon!)

If you’re into SEO or web development, this program is a must have! Even the trial version which expires after 40 days gives you unlimited access to the keyword research module: WHICH NEVER EXPIRES! This module alone helps target all levels of market-keywords giving you a good head start into identifying your micro-niche market. And not having to waste time in Google making your eyes burst a blood vessle from staring at the computer for too long.
Now, you’re probably wondering what 3 golden rules I was referencing above. If their so important why not just say them? Well then fine! Here you go:

Rule 1 – Traffic (of the good kind)

Most keywords are empty shells, searched for once and never again. Up to 25% of Google searches are unique. Those results will never display in that order for the exact phrase you just typed, ever*. This means you need to focus ONLY on keywords with real traffic!

*Just because you search for four times doesn’t mean one of those times all the pages are going to be different as a result; it’s all the results, on all millions of pages loaded but you aren’t going to read through. So yes, maybe the top 10 pages don’t change because no matter what you do they are deemed most relevant, but the rest…

Break this rule and you’ll never get any significant traffic – and you FAIL.

Rule 2 – Commercial Value of keywords

Many keywords have little commercial value. Their browsing keywords or reference.Therefore, you ONLY target keywords with profit potential.

Which do you think show willingness to buy: “how to make good soil” or “premium soil pricing” | “discount webcams” or “free webcam software”. This can go on and on…

Break rule 2 and you’ll attract “Browsers” not “Buyers”. You unknowingly selected the low profit keywords! FAIL!

-If you aren’t selling anything and are looking only for promotion/informative this rule still applies but reverse. If you’re looking for buyers; well they want information too! But they only browse to find what they are looking for. Make sure you target your keywords accordingly.

Rule 3: –  Unfriendly Competition

Unfortunately most market level keywords are super competitive. You have no chance establishing yourself near the top because you’re too late in the game. You ONLY target keywords that have “Acceptable Competition”. You do not want “no competition” either because that means their are very little potential buyers in that market for your product/service.

You need to have a logical, no-non-sense way to analyze competition (Like the “4-Phase” Competition Approach That Market Samurai Provides), Otherwise you have no chance of ranking… you will FAIL.

Seriously, I don’t push buying anything! I’m a 100% torrent whore! But this is one program that made even me open the wallet.

And yes, I even torrented my Adobe Photoshop CS4 copy, so this shows how important this nifty adobe air application really is.

Hundreds of man hours of slaving at my laptop running through SEO tutorials for client sites. And reading my own post I know I broke at least 1 if not 2 of the golden rules on each client site in the past (sorry guys!). Looking back, I honestly wish I knew about Market Samurai or is development.

Check it out @ www.marketsamurai.com


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