May 16, 2011

Site Version 2.0! Updates and Changes

I would like to welcome everyone to the new and improved Virtually(Creative) development blog! Some major changes have happened around here to update to a more current “web-standard” and have changed to how content is organized and will be categorized in the future. Virtually(Creative).ca started as just my personal web development blog and now has expanded to a full-time freelance business; so thank you friends and clients! On a high note their will also be some promotions and service discounts via twitter so don’t forget to @follow me!

Here is a screenshot of the blog v1.0 hosted on

So as you can see, some major improvements have been made. Eventually I plan to roll out my own custom CMS underneath the skin to add even more functionality, and help with providing clients a customized project tracking & management system along with mobile-only content formatted just for your phones! I’ve had many ideas for this update and will expand upon this in the future…

I’ve also got a new Blackberry Torch 9800 and have updated and outfitted it with all the latest apps which will help me blog on the go. Awesome, I know. Much more information to come on phones in the future too, as a developer they are becoming ever so important!


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