mindSCOPE is a Toronto-based company that was looking to improve its online presence. Already having a WordPress website up and running, they came to VirtuallyCreative looking to overhaul the total look and feel of the website, while still using the same WordPress theme as the old site.

Up to the challenge, VirtuallyCreative transformed their original website into a brand new, sleek and minimalist parallax style site using the same theme as the old site but configuring in a totally different way. The result is a sleek, mobile optimized website that helps sell CURA, mindSCOPE’s flagship recruiting software.

Along with the new and improved look, an overhaul was done to the Event tracking and Goals within Google Analytics to match the new page layouts and improved Call To Actions found throughout the site.

An additional SEO plan was created for website admins to utilize and Virtually(Creative) performed their 100-point SEO checkup to make sure the site was optimized top to bottom.

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