The DireWolves Airsoft Team is a professional Airsoft team comprised of members around the Greater Toronto Area. With a growing player base, they came to Virtually(Creative) to create a strong online presence for the team both through their website and social media accounts.

They required several advanced features to allow them to have the online community feel they expect from professional sports team websites, but they are looking to help promote Airsoft as a growing sport in Canada and around Ontario specifically.

With social media and team community being important aspects, the Direwolves website is a customized Ghost blog and syncs with major social networks (Facebook login and auto page publishing) as well as a Discourse instance for community management.

Direwolves’ main focus since 2018 as been on creating high quality airsoft content for the Canadian airsoft community. They switched from WordPress over to Ghost for regular blogging and have enjoyed the easy transition.

Using a connected Discourse instance to manage the community aspects provides an SSO link between Ghost and Discourse for Direwolves users and followers.

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