May 17, 2011

Mobile Portal Version 1.5

New Update to the mobile portal! I wanted to showcase some pretty new CSS3 techniques using animation transitions and transformations. Right now it only supports iPhone’s 2G+ Safari browser. If you don’t have an iPhone and still want to check out the cool animations, you can download the Safari Nightly browser or the latest version of Safari (Win/Mac) and then go to the mobile portal to see what you’re missing!

Note: The form doesn’t work yet.. still testing some things out with touch cababilites on transition effects.

I also have a tutorial written on Dream.In.Code about advanced CSS3 animation techniques. This is a good practical application for some of the newer things designers will be able to do once CSS3 is fully accepted and gives just a taste of the possibilities.

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    Nice article. Interesting to read. I would suggest some of my friends.

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