May 19, 2011

Microsoft’s IDE for the win?


This is one monster of an IDE. I thought Aptana Studio was beastly, but in compairison not so much anymore. Within WebMatrix lies the tools you need to dabble with databases and frameworks, pick between open source and .NET coding environments and works as a live site monitor for you published projects including a SEO back-end!


First you get what looks simlar to a windows-update type platform which you pick the options you wish to install alongside your WebMatrix environment. Once you setup your required platforms you wish to develop on you’re good to go and ready to work.

WebMatrix Install Process

Although fully featured, there’s a bit of a limited developer user-base for this monster IDE because it’s PC only for people working on ASP to PHP and back. WebMatrix gives you a solid foundation to start all your projects in one, well organized and maintained, place.

The WebMatrix interface is pretty (at least from my preference) but the whole IDE feels sluggsh and takes way to long to preform some routine tasks.


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