March 24, 2010

HTC Touch Pro2; XAndroid is here!

Sticking with Windows Mobile 6.1 finally pays off.  After upgrading to the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Blackberry Pearl 8130 from Telus Mobility 4 months ago I was starting to feel something I thought I never would; Iphone envy. There I said it. I would never pay and get an Iphone, but I had to admit I wanted one for a moment.

Thankfully, I’m a logical guy and know that it’s not the HTC Touch Pro2, it’s by HTC and is a wonderful piece of hardware. A fantastic phone with thought out architecture and a freakin’ sweet keyboard. No matter how awesome touchscreen technology is, I NEED my keyboard. So really, my problem is with Windows Mobile 6.1. For some reason Telus has not spoken about any future updates for the Touch Pro2 so I took it upon myself like many others to find something more. And here it is:

Their are various builds of Google’s Android platform on various HTC, Samsung, Nokia Smartphones. Until now, however, each of the Android flavours have been shady and unreliable at best.  What doesn’t suck-ass are for HTC Touch Pro2 users! If your one of the lucky people to own an Touch Pro 2 comes xda-developers’ latest release, complete with fully working voice, SMS and data support, Wifi and more. Here is a full demo of Android on a Sprint HTC Touch Pro2, a GSM model.


Now, this is fantastic and all, but how do you get it for yours? Well follow some of the links below and you’re be well on your way! All you need is a 2GB SD card (BACKIT UP FIRST). This is for HTC Touch Pro 2 with TELUS. Telus uses the CDMA network.

Android for CDMA Touch Pro 2 (RHOD400/RHOD500) –If you arn’t sure which RHOD### you are it’s on the phone when you remove the battery.

  • There is a single zip file you can download that has all the files included. All you have to do is unzip the file and put the folder’s contents on the ROOT of your SD card.
  • The files that you should have on the root of your SD card after a new installation are as follows:

modules-2.6.27-00962-ged4b558.tar.gz (Changes numbers each build)
AndroidApps (folder)
conf (folder)
media (folder)

All of these were typed exactly as they are in my folder, and these are what you should have after following the instructions, including a folder where you backed up everything that was on there before.. right? These will be valid until the next release or update. All you have to do now is put the SD card back into your HTC TP2, turn it back on. Open up File Explorer and navigate to the root of the card and run haret.exe.

Now Android will install itself onto the SD CARD. Make sure you have a minimum of 1GB free space afrer backing up original content. This could take a while, and a lot of text will flash before the screen, it will pause every so often and you seriously just need to let it take it’s time. It should eventually go to the Android Splash symbol which is a really trippy 4 coloured X.

After that Android will boot up and be ready for you to use. If you want to go back to Windows Mobile all you have to do is hold the power button and turn the phone off and Android soft-resets and you load up Windows Mobile again.



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