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    Google Instant Preview: New Era of SEO?

    June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Google Instant Preview: New Era of SEO?

If you look back over internet history, one of the prodominant functions has been the ability to search and its role in connecting users to information. Search engines allow you to find specific information in the vast, overwhelmingly large Internet; critical to effectively being able to find what you’re looking for. Marketing budgets once dedicated to design-driven mediums like print, direct mail, hell even good online banner advertising were trumped by text-only search engine marketing and optimization. It seemed for at least 10 years the internet and all it’s visual power was still being trumped by words. Even when a picture is worth 1000 of them.

So, 10 years of text-based advertising later, search engine giant Google has finished testing and ready to deploy a game changing feature: Instant Previews. Click on the link to activate it for your google searches now! This new addition to every-day searching could bring some potential ramifications on how websites should be designed moving forwards.

Google’s new Instant Preview feature will start to put eye-catching design and exceptional images at the heart of effective SEM and SEO.” – Dan Perlet, Corbis Images

The new features enable people to see a preview of the website to the right of the search result and then highlights the most relevant sections from your search query. Its like the ultimate magazine browser! But rather than flip through pages, it lists website previews. The results from Google’s preliminary research is that users are five (5) percent more likely to be satisfied with the results they click – a baby step forward about how people begin to use and learn the new feature but still stepping forward none-the-less.

While a website’s visual design has played an important role for welcoming, converting and retaining users, it’s never played much of a role in helping them find you, especially from search results. This could all change with Instant Preview now that design will play a role in search engine marketing. You may think 5% extra satisfaction isn’t too much to start raving about, but now is the time to consider what designs are working and what isn’t in terms of overall website design and even banner advertising and how visually compelling a homepage should be. Poor design could now start turing away potential clicks.

“The role of bold, distinct visuals are likely to become increasingly important” –Dan Perlet, (.net Mag/May 2011)


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