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    Freemarket.com Social Media Service Accepted

    October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

Freemarket.com Social Media Service Accepted

I’m surprised Social Media is a still a popular buzz term 12 years later (Facebook was 2004)! But coming to accept that it’s all here to stay, I’m still astounded that some small business, individuals and some larger companies as well have a hard time seeing the marketing power and potential social media has. I have been including more social media connectivity for clients on their websites and utilizing many web tools & Apps to help maximize my efficiency (and you can too check out 5 must have social media mobile Apps) and realized that when I was finished putting together my social media packages, they would help guide someone with minimal knowledge how to better get more results from specific networks they were interested in.

So I have compiled my methodologies and created a package that I can now customize to your specific business!

My comprehensive social media plans are perfect for:

  • Training new employee’s on your social media policies, procedures and expectations (even if you don’t have one right now).
  • Adjusting social media campaigns to fit business goals.
  • Getting the most out of Social Analytics, Metrics and Reporting.
  • Creating daily routines targeting best usages for each social media site.
  • Professional Account Setup for all social networking sites in a campaign.

Nielsen published a study stating 79 percent of large corporations are leveraging social media to engage their audience, build buzz, establish relationships, foster communication, improve products, and cultivate long-term brand awareness and consumer trust. All of which can help the bottom line in the end.

With so many networks to pick from having a properly branded, comprehensive and complete plan of attack helps:

  • to focus your content to networks relevant to the industry
  • your employee’s expectations, daily online routines, marketing plan execution
  • the boss (you) keep track of metrics, reporting and employee’s content across all networks

Inside this comprehensive campaign package 6 major social networks are covered and features include:
[toggle title=”Facebook”]

  • Engagement plan that captures the SMM goals of the company
  • Profile/Page Optimization
  • Professionally designed landing page (iFrame/FBML) to encourage LIKE conversions
  • Effectively posting key information that will be easily visible on the “wall” and the walls of the clients followers
  • Increasing exposure and establishing brand recognition
  • Insights analysis

[toggle title=”Google Plus”]

  • Establishing setup of Google+ for Business
  • Implementing the +1 button with the Business page
  • Generate followers and segment them in to specific “circles”
  • Leverage “hangouts” and train clients how to use this feature to conduct meetings online with clients and potential clients
  • Effective information sharing and how to improve search engine rankings and page authority with Google+
  • Analytic analysis and evaluation
  • Create a coordinated strategy that complements company accounts on other social platforms

[toggle title=”Twitter”]

  • “Tweeting” to establish a presence and build brand reputation online, and responding to tweets
  • Generating a strong “follower base”, where tweets will be primarily communicated
  • Engaging tweets with appropriate lists, hashtags & @mentions
  • Gaining exposure by “following” reputable industry members / business
  • List Management of your followers (into Leads)
  • Posting relevant articles found online that relate to your business / industry
  • Create a coordinated strategy that complements company accounts on other social platforms

[toggle title=”LinkedIn”]

  • Establish the clients profile that includes all information comparable to a resume
  • Create and manage completion of profile through addition of services, careers
  • Analytics analysis
  • Network with key professionals found in the industry and in the general working environment
  • Properly communicate with followers and build upon personal and brand recognition
  • Create a coordinated strategy that complements company accounts on other social platforms

[toggle title=”Pinterest”]

  • Create a defined strategy in leveraging Pinterest to present business identity
  • Develop consistent approach for relevant, compelling visual and written content
  • Strategically plan the optimal number of boards and organizations of pins
  • Optimize posts for SEO gain
  • Differentiating Pinterest presence from those of competitors
  • Create a coordinated strategy that complements company accounts on other social platforms
  • Foster connections with notable account holders to expand reach

[toggle title=”YouTube”]

  • Profile and Channel Creation and Design
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Upload and management of videos
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and tags
  • Continuously search for innovative and new material that can be posted to gain maximum exposure within the clients industry
  • Construct a structured plan to generate many “subscriptions, “views” and “comments”
  • Create a coordinated strategy that complements company accounts on other social platforms

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your business where it needs to be today with a personalized social media campaign specific to your business! This version is aimed towards smaller businesses with a tighter budget but still want to use social media as part of their marketing plan.

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