Single Keyword/Phrase Optimization Tips

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Some people fail to realize that search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t happen over night; it’s a process. Optimizing for a single keyword and/or phrase is simple on the scale of SEO tasks, but as with all processes it still takes time. I find many companies try to cut corners to seek immediate results and the attempts just all usually fail. Nothing will win over hard work and a steady, thought-out process with a clear plan of attack (P.O.A).

This is a four (4) tier plan that I usually implement when trying to optimize for a single keyword/phrase. This is the tried and tested P.O.A that will bring quality results over a span of time rather than spiked.

Tier 1:

Keep it simple; one word for one page. You can devote many pages to a single keyword but not the other way around!

Tier 2:

Load that page with content, the more the better! As far as I know, there is no limit set for SEO. However you should be setting limits for “user experience”. It’s important to find that balance between content and usability. For example: you can use a tabbed navigation on a single page to have loads of content rather than flooding a user with a massive page of text. Oh, and when I say “content” I mean a minimum of 400 words on a page; 800 would be ideal, so don’t be lazy. Even if you write something over a couple of times to get it write it’s important to bring original, quality custom content.

Tier 3:

This tier is the most important. The page should ONLY talk about the keyword/phrase you want to target. Don’t target something and write about another. This will kill all your efforts. Seriously.

Tier 4:

Repeat the keyword/phrase in the content more times than you repeat any other descriptive words or phrases. This you would think is common sense, but this tier is actually something you should plan out more than just thinking about it at the time of writing content. If you’re going to write an article targeting the keyword “Bentley” make sure not to repeat the word “engine” or “transmission” etc… too many times otherwise you’ll overpower your targeted keyword and this will confuse most major search engines. On the flip side, you shouldn’t be bombing your keyword all over the page more than needed either. Again, balance is key. Just enough to be the most mentioned word, nothing more.

Optimize the Page

Here is the checklist I use while optimizing a page.

  1. Pick the keyword
  2. Write the page markup
  3. Write a title tag with the exact keyword targeted as the first part. Include a small marketing pitch to increase the clickthrough rate as the second part.
  4. Write a description of the page and services for the meta description tag.
  5. Link to the page from other pages on your site that are relevant to this keyword/phrase.
  6. Get other sites to link directly to the page with the keyword/phrase as the anchor text. Do this monthly, and as many times as needed.
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