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    5 Must have Social Media Management Apps

    September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

5 Must have Social Media Management Apps

Small Business Owners and freelancers alike want to have the upper hand using applications that help them get work done efficiently and effectively and working in social media is no different.

At Virtually(Creative), I’ve helped small businesses grow quickly with our marketing and social media strategies. I use a number of social media apps myself to help manage the relationships with my audience across the social web and for clients. I’ve spent countless hours going through the App Stores of all 3 major services (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and I’ve come up with these top 5 applications plus a bonus application.

These apps are designed to enhance your brand image, manage communication, and drive engagement across social media. You may even get more “Likes”, but remember that’s just the starting point. Using these app’s you will be able to quickly and efficiently check live metrics across the social media landscape and gather quick reporting and results to help focus your daily marketing routine.

HootSuite (Social Media Management)

Klout (Social Media Influence Tracking)

Bit.ly (URL Metrics & Reporting)

Quicklytics (Google Analytics)

Pages (by: Facebook)

These aren’t by any means the “be-all and end-all” of social media mobile apps, I personally have about 20 on my iPhone that I use regularly and maybe will expand this post upon a later date. But if you feel I’ve missed some critical ones, please add them using the comments below!


TweetDeck App
-If Hootsuite is too much and you just want a Twitter Dashboard (Web)

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