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From the latest in Web Development best practices to enhancing your social media management abilities, Virtually(Creative) has real world, battle tested industry experience to help you succeed.

Virtually(Creative) offers online e-learning courses focused on web development and social media management.

What is "CrashCourse: Web Development" about?

“CrashCourse: Web Development guides you through some of the latest changes in HTML5, CSS3 and ECMA v6. A great free course for any new front-end developer looking to improve their front-end web language knowledge.” -Al Romano

What topics are covered?

Improve business processes, differentiate products and services, identify new revenue streams by incorporating the methodologies behind the Internet of Things.

  • HTML5 New elements added for everyday use
  • LESS (CSS3) maximize your CSS3 markup using LESS
  • JavaScript (ECMA v6) create more efficient javascript
  • HTML Web Template combine what you know to build a solid, single-page html template you can use as a boilerplate for any project!

Learn the latest changes in HTML-5! Supercharge your CSS3 skills by using LESS. Flex your javascript skills using the latest techniques from ECMA v6.

Once completed you’ll have a solid HTML-5 best practice boilerplate template you can use to help bootstrap your own projects for any client!

What is "CrashCourse: Social Media Management" about?

“I learned so much about how to better manage my social media accounts for my company after taking this course. With over 20 accounts my company, things can get complicated fast, but this course helped me streamline my work to be successfully engaging with my social media customers.” Chris RomanoBongo & B Entertainment.

What Topics are covered in "CrashCourse: Social Media Management"?

With social media becoming one of the de-facto marketing channels for companies of all sizes, this course breaks down what you need to be successful in managing several social media channels to help boost your business online.

Topics We Cover:

  1. Networks – Who do I use?
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  2. Your Business, Your Needs
    • Setting up your business’s online presence
    • Streamlining social media information
    • Hootsuite vs Sprout Social vs HubSpot vs Bespoke
  3. Analytics and Reporting – Show me the Data
    • Learn how to automate Reports to gain insight from using social media platforms
    • Google Analytics vs HEAP Analytics vs Piwik vs Bespoke
    • The importance of data collection (and those Reports)
    • The right report for the right person
  4. Putting it all together – Your SocialOps Bible
    • Create a social media management bible which outlines your workflow at different levels
    • have an action plan framework you can apply to almost any business vertical
    • tried and battled tested social media methodologies to gain insightful data for a competitive advantage

Learn how to streamline your social media accounts and bring the chaos -from daily tweets and Facebook status updates – to a manageable level without missing any critical information or that new lead.

By the completion of the course, you’ll have your own SocialOps “Bible” you can reference whenever you need to help guide your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly social media strategies and workflow. From daily tasks you need to complete or automate to critical reports landing in your inbox, the SocialOps guide tackles the logistics behind setting up a workflow that works for you for any business size and type, big or small.

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